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[Resio et al., 2023] Chase Resio and Caleb Koranda. Mixed-Initiative Schedulers for the MathDay Event. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Chase Resio 2023


This document describes the progress made on the MathDay project, including its website, during the Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 school year. The team focused on providing better functionalities for the MathDay Administrator to use in assigning applicants to tasks. These functionalities reduce the time the MathDay Administrator will spend on making assignments compared to the previous method being used. The three main functionalities are an interactive assignment web-interface, an automatic solver using stochastic local search called ERA, and another automatic solver using systematic search. In Section 1, we review the contributions of previous projects in order to give a background for the site and its implementation. We then explain in detail each new feature and justify our implementation of it in Section 2. The primary research for the project, the two automatic solvers, we describe in Section 3. We conclude the paper with information about the database (Section 4), minor improvements (Section 5), and a conclusion(Section 6). The MathDay project is supported by UCARE and counts towards Senior Design credits.