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Karkazis, K., Schneider S., Patel, J., Anderson W., and Dylan A. 2023. Confined Spaces Rover. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Kally Karkazis, Samuel Schneider, Jay Patel, William Anderson, and Dylan Araujo 2023.


Kiewit is a world-renowned construction company that leads the industry in safety. Each construction site has areas called confined spaces. A confined space has limited entry and exit and is not designed for continuous human occupancy, however employees need to enter them to complete jobs such as welding, painting, or data collection. Confined spaces can have hazardous atmospheric conditions, making it dangerous to send humans into them. While Kiewit currently takes numerous precautions to keep their employees safe in confined spaces, they want to eliminate the need for humans to enter them altogether. The 2022-2023 Kiewit Design Studio team was tasked with designing and building a rover to perform necessary tasks and keep humans out of confined spaces.