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Metschke, A., Crotts-Hannibal, B., Grosey, M., & Pasapera, Y. (2023). Papillion Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility Secondary Expansion Proposal. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Allison Metschke 2023.


This report outlines a first attempt to design 30% of a wastewater treatment plant with a secondary expansion to include aerobic granular sludge. This project was completed through the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department as part of the Senior Design Capstone required by the college. The report was completed by a team of four, including Allison Metschke (myself), Brodie Crotts- Hannibal, Matthew Grosey, and Yefry Pasapera. The team members’ contributions to the project include process design for water treatment, structural design, and geotechnical design, respectively. My contributions to the project include the role as project manager, cost analysis, construction and design scheduling, permitting, project impacts, and overall project outline.

The goal of the project was to apply engineering design and knowledge from coursework, internships, and experience to design the requested aerobic granular sludge system up to 30% design. This means that only basic design features and general factors were considered. The report elaborates the team’s design choices, how and why the team made those decisions, and provides calculations and references to support the decisions made. The project was worked on consistently throughout the semester with a proposal presentation and progress report due at week five and concluding the semester with the final report and project presentation displayed during week 16. The project was guided with the help of HDR Engineering who sponsored the project.