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Zinniel, K. 2024. Brass Specialities: A Recital Featuring Trumpet, Euphonium, French Horn, and Voice. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Kirby Zinniel 2024.


The purpose of this recital is to showcase multiple brass instruments. I am a Music Education student whose primary instrument is trumpet. Musicians who play brass instruments usually only focus on one instrument. I started branching out and playing other brass instruments in high school. At UNL, Music Education majors must learn every other instrument so they can teach them in a classroom, but they are not expected to play the other instruments at a high level. I enjoy the challenge of learning other brass instruments. It has given me more opportunities than if I played trumpet alone. To supplement my knowledge, I have been taking lessons on trumpet, euphonium, and French horn. I have been accepted into Bowling Green State University to get a Masters of Music as a Brass Specialist. To highlight how rare this degree is, it should be stated that only two universities in the country offer this program. This recital features selections of the pieces I auditioned on and gives listeners an idea of what a Brass Specialist does. I would like to thank my lesson instructors: Darryl White, Bo Atlas, and Bradley Greathouse. Contents of this creative thesis include: 1. A video of the recital, 2. Custom program for the recital, 3. Custom Program Notes explaining each piece, 4. A synopsis on why I picked each piece, and 5. Sheet music.