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Pfeiffer, M. (2024). Suicide Reporting to a Statewide K-12 School System Tip Line. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Madelyn Pfeiffer 2024


This study seeks to understand how K-12 statewide school system safety tip lines can be used for student suicide concerns. The study seeks to investigate the relationship between the content of suicide reports and the gender of the student identified in the report. Data from a state-wide K-12 school system tip line was collected (N = 224) to understand the content of suicide-related reports and how the tip line and related school officials address these concerns. The data also provided for analysis of the gender of the reported student and its relation to the content of the report, including who made the report, the source of the reported information, the threatening statements and behaviors made by the student, and the actions taken following the report. Results indicated that most suicide reporting was from third parties, or those reporting on behalf of others and peers reporting other peers. Additionally, female students were more likely to self-report and make vague threats of suicide than male students.