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Herrington, B. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. Electronic transport properties of Fe(qsal)2(TCNQ)2 molecular films. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2024.


Copyright Bryce Herrington 2024.


It has been noted that the use of molecular magnet-based transistors within memory devices could potentially dramatically decrease the energy consumption of devices through both the lesser energy cost for molecular transistors and fewer total transistors needed per memory device. Previous work on Fe(qsal)2(TCNQ)2 molecules demonstrated sufficiently low energy cost and large spin-orbit coupling to be a promising candidate for application in devices. The aim of this work is to characterize the electrical impedance behavior of Fe(qsal)2(TCNQ)2 molecular films in the GHz frequency range necessary for the proposed devices connected to the read/write speed. Extrapolation of impedance trends in the MHz range corresponds to favorably low impedance in the desired frequency range. In addition, an RC circuit model was developed to explain the effective resistance and capacitive reactance behavior observed in impedance measurements and DC current-voltage characteristics. The indication of sufficient read/write speed motivates further characterization of the Fe(qsal)2(TCNQ)2 molecule.