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Spring 3-2024

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Sunde, L. 2024. The War Against Education: The Long-Term Effects of Anti-War Protests in Midwestern Colleges. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Landon Sunde 2024.


In the eyes of the public, the Midwestern region of the United States is inconsequential, having little influence over the country's future trajectory, yet history tells another story. Not only is the Midwest undervalued as a region but the millions of college students who attended Midwestern colleges are also underestimated by the general public. This can be best seen during the Vietnam War when millions of youth and college students stood up in the Midwest against the United States’ usage of the draft and recent decision to invade Cambodia. Influenced by Civil Rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights tactics such as sit-ins college students in the Midwest stood up against the government changing the trajectory of the United States by influencing the President’s priorities. The anti-war movement in Midwestern colleges set the foundation for many modern social movements that exist today. Through breaking down the history and explaining how the Midwest influenced the Vietnam War I come to the conclusion that the anti-war movement in Midwestern Colleges has not only shifted the trajectory of the United States but also continues to hold influence over today’s society.