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Spring 3-7-2018

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Wickstrom, E. L. (2018). Identification and characterization of Wbp1 in Magnaporthe oryzae (honors thesis). University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Copyright Elena Wickstrom 2018


Magnaporthe oryzae is a threat to rice and wheat crops worldwide, and understanding the disease is vital to protecting multiple staples to the world’s diet. The characterization of genes, discovered through forward genetics, are a staple of determining what contributes to the pathogenicity of the fungus, as well the ability of the fungus to evade rice’s primary form of defense, reactive oxygen species. Recently, MoAp1 and Wbp1 were uncovered as connected to the gene Tps1, all of whom influence the antioxidation system of M. oryzae. This paper discusses the process involved in isolating MoAp1 and Wbp1, as well as the characterization of Wbp1 through plate tests, sporulation analysis, and pathogenicity tests. Wbp1 influences nitrogen source preference, which is connected to both the ability of M. oryzae to switch between biotrophy and necrotrophy, as well as the antioxidation properties and pathogenicity of M. oryzae.