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Spring 5-12-2022

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Aydt, Abaigeal and Cassidy Smith, "Sprouting Systems" (2022). Afterschool Club Lesson Plans. University of Nebraska-LIncoln, 2022.


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After taking a class at UNL about environmental awareness, two honors students paired up to start a hydroponics club at a local Lincoln school. In reaching out to the LPS director of sustainability, they were paired up with Prescott Elementary School. Over the course of a semester, they developed a club that got a hydroponic grow tower functioning for the school and taught students about nutrition and sustainability. This club is only in its beginning stages, but the impacts that it is making around the school can already be seen.

An-illustration-of-various-soils-with-respect-to-pH-nutrient-availability (1).png (97 kB)
Illustration of Soils

Sprouting Systems Week 1.pptx (13946 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 1

Sprouting Systems Week 2.pptx (5322 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 2

Sprouting System week 3.pptx (8802 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 3

Sprouting Systems Week 5.pptx (5807 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 5

Alfalfa Printed Instructions.docx (7 kB)
Alfalfa Instructions

Sprouting Systems Week 6.pptx (3108 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 6

Week 9.pptx (2967 kB)
Powerpoint for Week 9