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Spring 2023

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Song, Minjae, and Noah Rachwitz. "Origami Club - A Gateway Into the Art of Self Expression." After-school club lesson plans. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2023.


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The Nebraska Honors Program's Origami Club is an engaging platform for 3rd-5th graders that uses the fascinating Japanese art of origami to create a rich, interactive learning environment. Under the guidance of experienced instructors Minjae Song and Noah Rachwitz, and supplemented with YouTube tutorials, the club facilitates a captivating journey from simple projects to complex designs, skillfully developing each student's creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities. Each session is planned meticulously to ensure an immersive experience, starting with anticipation-building project reveals and culminating in the production of personal origami masterpieces. As a hands-on club, students are encouraged to question, explore, assist their peers, and reflect on their learning, instilling a sense of camaraderie, service, and an understanding of the process of continuous learning. Carefully designed to integrate practical application of origami skills, the curriculum features activities like paper airplane contests, crane making, modular box construction, and ninja star crafting. Regular feedback and recommended adjustments ensure the learning experience is continuously optimized for each student's growth. The final lesson, centered on creating ninja stars, underscores the importance of quality work, patience, and precision in crafting items of potential use in life, thereby imparting valuable life skills. In essence, the Origami Club transcends the boundaries of traditional learning experiences by not only teaching the art of paper folding, but also equipping students with a range of interpersonal and practical skills, nurturing them for challenges within and outside the classroom.