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Spring 2019

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Karges, Joy. "Tour the World." After school club lesson plans. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2019.


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This Tour the World club gives students the opportunity to interact with the world, other cultures, and people groups. Through six or seven different countries and many hands-on activities, students will learn what it means to keep an open mind, they will develop a curiosity for the world, and they will be encouraged to prioritize learning and asking questions over giving judgments when faced with something new.

world map.docx (150 kB)
Use for Lesson: Going on a Trip

carnival-masks-template-twinkl-con-google-a.jpg (25 kB)
Use for Lesson: Venice Carnival Masks

passport (Autosaved).docx (1576 kB)
Use for Lesson: Passports

India Worksheet 2.docx (239 kB)
Use for Lesson: India Picture Activity

Rwanda.docx (1019 kB)
Use for Lesson: Rwandan Puzzle Game

Moroccan goods.docx (643 kB)
Use for Lesson: Moroccan Marketplace