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Spring 2019


Hage, B. (2019). Analysis and Comparison of Multiple Approaches for Software Development Management as Applied to a Design Studio Project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Bethany Hage, 2019.


This research analyzes multiple approaches to software development management through the lens of my experience in the Raikes Design Studio capstone program. The Design Studio project I participated in was a project for the company Hudl, and throughout its course we used techniques from the Agile framework of Scrum. I compared the Scrum principles to my team’s own application over the course of the project, and I researched other software development methodologies such as Extreme Programming and Lean in order to determine whether they could improve the effectiveness of the current Design Studio experience. The proposed solution to this question is to continue using Scrum methods, but to also take inspiration from Extreme Programming and to encourage pair programming in all Design Studio teams, as well as to make an effort to improve Design Studio sponsor communication.