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Lewis, E. 2018. Direct Materials Data Quality at Conagra Brands. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Erica Lewis 2018.


Data quality is driven by businesses processes and controlled through data management and data governance. It describes the reliability of data for making decisions. At Conagra Brands, the Data Management Organization (DMO) is the data governance body and continuously oversees data quality. The goal of this project is to build data quality measures for direct materials. Direct materials are materials used to make a food product, including ingredients, packaging, and semi-finished materials. Data quality measures were built for Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Procurement (EP). Data validations determined the usage of fields owned by these departments. Analysis of transportation data found an error rate of 6.05% while material hierarchy data had errors in only 0.146% of data. Terms in Metapedia serve as a data dictionary, a key point for employees to access information. Each data term describes data fields that often have specific functions. In Metapedia, 1238 terms were identified for direct materials, with 758 of these terms reaching approval for completion. These data fields are monitored through rules in Information Steward based on the Metapedia terms to check for accuracy and completeness. Rules and scorecards allow employees to easily monitor data and take corrective action when needed. Two scorecards were built and tied to three rules. Data terms and rules are connected in Information Steward through the remediation process. The DMO should continue building upon data quality measures and educate employees on the importance of data.