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Cole, A., Chekal, J., Seeger, W., Al-Brady, S., & Cowles, N. 2019. Boy Scouts of America Concept Site Master Plan and Improvements. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Anna Cole, Jacob Chekal, William Seeger, Shanon Al-Brady, and Nicholas Cowles 2019.


Our team, G1 Engineering, has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to provide an update to their master plan for the Outdoor Education Center site located at 600 S. 120th Street, Lincoln, NE. Our work included providing transportation solutions; drainage evaluations; investigation of geotechnical conditions; environmental evaluation and determination of permitting requirements; preparation of concept design plans for bridges, drainage, utilities, and overall site plan; and evaluation of structural elements included in the project.

Two streams cross the property presenting site access issues. Our team provided pedestrian, UTV, and emergency vehicle access bridges to address these issues. With the two streams on the property, a majority of the land is classified as a floodway or a floodplain. As such, there are regulations placed on any structures built in these areas to not raise flood elevations. Recent expanded use of the facility has led to strains on the parking areas and wastewater facilities. Our team has proposed solutions for expanded parking lots and lagoon operations. Finally, our team investigated the geotechnical conditions present on the site to allow for proper construction and placement of foundations of proposed structures.