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Spring 2019


Shukaev, A. (2019). Facebook Inc. Strategic Analysis and Recommendation. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Artem Shukaev 2019.


For fifteen years, Facebook has been bringing people closer together. From a college project to the world’s largest social-media platform, Facebook exemplifies the modern tech company. This astronomical growth is not an accident, rather the result of an open market and strong strategic planning. Facebook’s plan focuses on rapid growth, aggressive user monetization, and smart acquisitions to further grow its market penetration. However, is this strategy still effective? As Facebook faces slowed growth and a litany of scandals, is it time for Facebook to change their strategy? This paper looks at Facebook’s current state – from its suite of applications, to its monetization plans, to its acquisition history – and evaluates the effectiveness of the current strategic plan while recommending a future one.

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