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Brookhouser, Tara. "Intuit Strategic Audit." 2018.


Copyright Tara Brookhouser 2018

This thesis has been embargoed by request of the author. It is no longer available to the public.


Intuit is a financial technology company located in Mountain View, California. Intuit’s goal is to “power prosperity around the world”. The company does this by building software to help everyday people manage their money. Intuit has three main business segments: Small Business, Consumer Tax, and ProConnect.

Intuit’s Small Business Segment focuses on creating software to help small businesses in their accounting. This segment generates the most revenue for the company, but it lacks a global presence. The Consumer Tax Segment creates tax filing software for the general public. It is facing an uncertain future, as competing free software is becoming more prominent and the government will soon be able to release their own tax filing solution.

This thesis examines Intuit’s current situation and recommends actions to take for the business to continue being successful.