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Wagner, E. (2019). A Strategic Audit of Nintendo Co., Ltd.. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Emily Wagner 2019.


The astounding success of the Nintendo Switch since its launch in March 2017 has brought Nintendo back into the spotlight of the gaming industry. However, what strategies led to the Switch’s success, enabling Nintendo to come back from the complete and utter failure of the Wii U? Also, what does Nintendo need to do to maintain its success over the lifetime of the Switch and beyond? This paper offers a strategic analysis of Nintendo, examining the company’s history, recent products, competitive advantages, and reasons for the success of the Switch. It also provides an analysis of Nintendo’s internal and external environments through various analysis methods such as SWOT, PEST, and Porter’s Five Forces. Insights from these analyses are used to determine strategy evaluation criteria, offer multiple strategy options, evaluate these options, and recommend a new strategy, including an implementation plan, timeline, and contingency, for Nintendo to pursue in the future.