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Spring 2019


Gaul, K., Brechbill, T., Yakel, K., Schirmer, G., Burnham, R., & Gunderson, P. (2019). The NAA challenge: Serving millennials through subscription boxes. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Kathleen Gaul, Tommie Brechbill, Kylee Yakel, Grant Schirmer, Regan Burnham, and Paris Gunderson 2019.


As an older generation of University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduates phases out, capturing the attention of millennials becomes more and more important. Unfortunately for the Nebraska Alumni Association (NAA), many soon to be and recent UNL graduates do not see the value in spending hundreds of dollars to become a lifetime member. Although some people we interviewed saw an NAA membership as just a donation and are not expecting much in return.

We believe that the Nebraska Alumni Association can take advantage of its connections with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to offer experiences through subscription boxes that will engage millennials and increase membership interest. Our survey has shown us that interest is high in UNL themed subscription boxes with our millennial targets. We have laid out the basic expenses and revenues associated with the subscription boxes and have estimated that the NAA could make additional money while greatly growing millennial's interest in the association. Approximately seventy-five percent of our survey respondents noted that Nebraska Alumni Association subscription boxes would have a higher value than other benefits such as coupons or university news. This shows that the value in a subscription box service would increase millennial's interest in joining the NAA.