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Spring 2019


Birch, R. (2019). Adidas: A strategic audit (Honors thesis). University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.


Copyright Rebekah Birch 2019


Adidas is a leader of today’s sportswear industry with its core competencies being footwear and apparel. Adidas employs various strategies to remain competitive in the industry against powerful companies including Nike and Under Armour. The industry is strongly defined by the high levels of competitive rivalry, among other forces. Adidas is directly affected by various factors in their external environment including political, economic, social, technological and environmental factors. It also has various opportunities and threats that affect its external environment and help determine the company’s success. Adidas’s internal environment explains the basis of their strategic decisions and why certain aspects have and have not worked. As with any business, Adidas has a set of strengths and weaknesses that contribute to its performance. Through a set of strategic decisions made by strong company leadership, Adidas remains above average within its industry. Adidas’s future is contingent upon their ability to improve profits and take risks that lead to great rewards.