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Goulet, Chris. "Evolving Structures in Peter Klatzow's Dances of Earth and Fire." Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2020.


Peter Klatzow’s Dances of Earth and Fire is a staple of modern marimba repertoire. However, there has been no previous music theory-based analysis of this piece, and this thesis is meant to fill that analytical gap. This document will delve into the harmonic techniques utilized by Klatzow in this piece, which is comprised primarily of symmetrical scales such as the Octatonic scale and Hexatonic scale. There will also be an extensive analysis of the unique form of this piece, which Klatzow dubs “Evolving Structures”. Both of these elements are vital to understanding how the music is constructed. The primary focus of this thesis is the first movement of the work, but the second movement will also be touched on.

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