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Spring 2-26-2020


Burch, Mackenzie R. "The George Eliot Archive: Current Reception & Comparison of DH Projects." 2020.


Copyright Mackenzie Burch 2020


As the field of Digital Humanities continues to grow, the projects also continue to develop their own identities with unique goals. The interdisciplinary nature of multimedia projects has allowed DH to develop in a number of different directions. As a research assistant for the George Eliot Archive digital project launched in early 2019 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it is essential for us to stay current this development in the field of DH.

Through exploring twenty digital projects and archives at various stages of development or establishment, I have gained a cohesive and current snapshot of Digital Humanities projects, and gained insight that will be implemented into current and future George Eliot Archive features. In addition to my own primary research with a primary focus of Victorian single-author-focused archives and repositories, I have also delved into the history of digital humanities through secondary sources in the form of guides to building projects, journals, and scholarship.