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Spring 5-2018


Teske, Daric. NVIDIA Corporation: A Strategic Audit. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2018.


Copyright Daric Teske 2018


NVIDIA is company that has been involved with the production of computer hardware known as a graphics processor units (GPUs) since the turn of the century. Over the past decade, NVIDIA has begun to explore other applications of its proprietary technology, including the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated computing. Looking from a business perspective, this strategic audit analyzes the history of the company and its current state, as well as industry outlooks to provide a strategic recommendation. Annual reports, market reports, and press releases were all utilized to provide the best perspective of the industry possible. Though NVIDIA has been performing extremely well recently, a reorganization was proposed. This reorganization moves resources such as people and products around so that the business can operate more efficiently and make the research and development process more streamlined than it was previously.