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Spring 4-26-2019


Wagner, M. 2019. UNL-CC Outdoor Education Center Master Plan. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Marie Wagner 2019.


The following report contains the work done by the group Griswold Engineering in completion of the Senior Design requirements for Civil Engineering and the Honors Requirements of the Project Manager. As the project manager, my job was to organize the project as a whole and to work alongside the Structural Engineer on the project. One of the main problems to overcome was the division of labor amongst the group. The project was originally conceived as a group project with one project manager and five other students to serve as the project engineers in each subdiscipline. Since this group only had five members, I took on the role of project manager and split the structural engineering work between myself and another member of the group. As such, it was my responsibility to prepare the weekly updates and complete our group submissions, along with writing the structural section of the report and its corresponding cost estimates. Overall, the project proved to be successful, as can be seen in the following report.