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Allen, K., Dickas, G., Hardia, U., Lee, T., & Rauner, A. 2020. NRC Health: Loyalty Insights. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Keenan Allen, Grace Dickas, Utkarsh Hardia, Teckhong Lee, Allie Rauner, 2020.


One of the biggest concerns of health systems is to know how they can better serve their patients. Health systems seek to exceed patient expectations and inspire patients to return to their system for all their health needs. A patient who returns can be considered loyal to that health system. NRC Health collects patient data from over 9,000 health systems across the country. This allows it to provide data insights that inform health systems’ decisions. The ultimate goal is to increase patient loyalty for health systems by helping them understand how to serve their patients better. The team was tasked with using data analytics to find insights about patient movement between health systems. The model shows a health system’s patient retention as well as the top health systems to which patients are switching. NRC Health can then use the underlying data to identify possible causes for the switching behavior. Through this model, NRC Health hopes to provide health systems with a better sense of how their patient retention compares to the market, estimate revenue loss due to switching behavior, and suggest ways to improve the patient experience.