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Bisbee, R. 2020. Error in DNA Mixture Analysis: Why the Application of Forensic DNA is not a Perfect Science. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Rachel Bisbee 2020.


Ever since the first use of DNA evidence in 1986, it has been heavily relied on in court as a means of both convicting felons and exonerating wrongfully imprisoned people. It is a valuable tool in investigations, but like everything else, is not perfect. There have been studies on the accuracy of DNA mixture interpretation in the past with varying results. This is because mixture interpretation is a complicated process that is not always as specific as would be ideal. This study attempted to determine if two students with the exact same education in forensic science and, more specifically, DNA mixture interpretation, would have an increased rate of accuracy in mixture interpretation. It also examined things that can affect the integrity of DNA profiles and some of the drawbacks of DNA mixture interpretation.