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Genesis: A False Start

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Spring 3-30-2020


Kollar, T. M. 2020. Genesis: A False Start. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Tate Kollar 2020.


Genesis is the first book of the Bible. As the starting block for humanity and creation, Genesis holds incredible weight. Genesis is the beginning of God’s foundational text for his people. Intuitively, one would expect the content of the narratives in Genesis to reflect this weight. One would expect models for human behavior. One would think it would be the first step on the path to redemption from the Fall in the garden. One would expect God to help his people in creating safe, efficient, supportive, functional communities and families. Contrary to these expectations, a majority of the Genesis narrative centers around immorality. My analysis will show the unique lessons taught in Genesis specifically through the means of stories of immorality.

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