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Spring 4-16-2018


Klinck, J.L. StudioHub: Streamlining Communication in Private Music Studios. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 2018.


Copyright 2018 J.L. Klinck


At the start of the project, I asked the question “what technology is available to horn players today?” Through an independent study in Spring 2017, I surveyed websites, blogs, YouTube channels, computer software, and mobile apps, reviewing and rating each one, and discussing their strengths and weaknesses.

From this project, I determined that one key piece of technology missing in the music world was some way to unify and streamline the activities of private music teachers and their students. Through my own experiences, and through talking with other music students, I determined three objectives for this streamlining technology: assign and check off assignments, track practice hours, and share audio and video for review. Additionally, I determined that a mobile app would be the best medium for said technology, due to its low cost, high popularity, and high accessibility (Vázquez-Cano; Siegle).

Finally, I set about building the app and its peripheral components. Studiohubapp@gmail.com serves as a support email address, and studiohubapp.wixsite.com/home serves as an informational, advertising, and support website for the app. I created icons for the app and the app store, and documented information for app store publication, including rating, version number, and screenshots of the app thus far.

As for the app itself, I’m taking iOS music app development this semester, and through this class plus about 55 hours of teaching myself the swift programming language and xcode framework (which, together, allow for the creation of iOS apps), I learned enough to begin building the app - but not to finish.

As it stands, the app is almost able to allow teachers to assign tasks to students. Things that I still need to learn how to do include link the app to the cloud, configure a student view, allow students to check off tasks when complete, provide a function for students to add hours practiced, and create a way for teachers and students to share audio and video. I intend to complete the app after graduation, and publish it to the app store within a year and a half.

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