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Spring 4-16-2018


Lofdahl, Taylor N. (2018). Differences in Retention-Related Risk Factors and Potential Resources Across First-Generation and Non-First-Generation College Students. University of Nebraska- Lincoln Digital Commons.


Copyright Taylor Lofdahl 2018


This study was completed to examine the differences in experience of first-generation and non-first-generation college students both before and during college. The purpose focused on retention-related risk factors as well as potential resources. The study was conducted through an online survey system called Qualtrics. There were 246 participants from the psychology department of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and participants received research credits for completing the survey. The study included measures for stress, depression symptoms, anxiety, perceived support as well as questions regarding academic practices and biographical information. The results of the study were analyzed using SPSS software, and they indicated that high-achieving first-generation and non-first-generation students do not significantly differ across many academic practices during college; however, implications do exist for first-generation college students in preparation for college as well as their attainment of social and cultural capital upon arriving on a college campus.