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Spring 3-17-2020


Anderson, A. 2020. The parasite giardia. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Ashley Anderson 2020.


The focus of this research is to better understand how this parasite works. The protozoan Giardia spp is found all over the world and in many species such as dogs, cats, and humans. From its two different forms to the microscopic size of both forms to its ability to destroy intestinal villi and cause symptoms like other parasitic infections, Giardia spp is continuously misdiagnosed. Upon further observation at veterinary clinics and researching science articles, Giardia spp is most commonly found in pets but has the potential to spread to humans via contaminated water. The most commonly infected humans are hikers, children, and travelers. The best time to contract Giardia is during the summer and early fall, which is when most people are active.

Once again, this paper will delve deeper into the history of Giardia spp, transmission routes, and which species are affected. Additionally, the characteristics of this protozoan, the symptoms, and the different treatments that can be used to eliminate Giardia spp.