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Spring 4-16-2018


Golden, Amanda. (2018). Free medical clinics in America. Bachelor of Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Amanda Golden 2018


The issue of healthcare in the United States of America continues to be a hot-button issue for millions of Americans and the politicians representing them in Washington D.C. The cost of healthcare continues to rise, population size within the country is continuously increasing, and the number of individuals lacking access to quality healthcare grows more and more everyday.

In this environment, understanding the role of free clinics in a community and how these clinics are maintained is becoming increasingly important. In this paper, I will outline the history of free clinics, who runs them and why. I will then provide an outline for starting and sustaining a free clinic which will highlight challenges and funding sources for these types of clinics. Finally, I will conclude with an evaluation of the role of free clinics in rural health care, focusing on the risks to the community of having a clinic that closes, and how to balance this against the risks and benefits of starting a clinic.