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Reiner, T. 2020. Nebraska dog 4-H learning resources: Assessing youth opinions and determining focus of future curriculum development efforts. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Tressa Reiner 2020.


The optimal method of teaching participants in the Nebraska Dog 4-H program has historically been a club led by an adult volunteer. However, participants in the program, particularly those 4-Hers without a club in their area, may benefit from additional learning resources such as online how to videos or short hands-on workshops. Online resources have been shown to be helpful in other extension related activities. In order to gain an understanding of Nebraska Dog 4-Hers’ current knowledge of existing resources and their opinions of current and potential future resources, a survey was sent to all 4-Hers enrolled in the Nebraska Dog 4-H program. Survey results indicated that youth were very receptive to the idea of using additional online resources and attending short workshops, although participants did show a lack of knowledge of the current existing resources. Only 35.6% of respondents reported having knowledge of the existing resources on 4-H and extension websites, but the majority of youth indicated they liked “how to” videos (87.5%) and one or two day hands on workshops (94.4%). Based on the survey results, it may be prudent to invest time and personnel towards developing and coordinating these extra resources, particularly how to videos and short hands on workshops.

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