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Spring 2021


Leblanc, Madeleine. Madthrifters: An Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaign With An Emphasis on Secondhand Fashion. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. April 2021.


Copyright Madeleine Leblanc 2021.


This thesis is a look into an integrated marketing campaign plansbook overview of my own Instagram thrifting brand account, Madthrifters. Madthrifters is a social media account dedicated to educating 18 to 24 year-old Midwest women on secondhand fashion while providing them an avenue to purchase it by selling thrifted items on the platform. One whole month of content was posted on a near-daily basis. In March, 58 feed posts and 128 stories were posted. Before knowing how to reach Gen Z on this topic and encourage them to buy from Madthrifters, several research questions were asked:

  1. What is the consumer’s true perception of fast fashion?

    1. Secondhand fashion?

  2. What is holding the audience back from secondhand fashion?

  3. What drives the audience to get behind (endorse) something?

These questions were slowly answered through 45 secondary sources, three face-to-face interviews, one industry professional interview and 59 online survey respondents. By the end of the campaign, the account had a 238% follower increase with 58% of items sold. Read further to understand the strategic and creative process behind revitalizing the Madthrifters brand.