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Spring 2021


Hallett, C. 2021. Best Practices In Industry and CSE Senior Design. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Conner Hallett 2021.


The widespread use of Agile practices in the software development industry creates the need for new college graduates to be adept in Agile processes and teams. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Senior Design courses gives students an introduction to such processes, but is met with many challenges in doing so, such as time constraints and student inexperience. Following a detailed look at the Scrum Agile framework and its expanded practices in industry, potential improvements for CSE Senior Design’s practice of Agile are suggested. These include the creation of resource forums for students to accelerate the early learning phase and workshop improvements for emphasizing the context that Agile processes have in delivering working software.