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Spring 4-7-2021


Gray, Adam. The Importance of Managerial Positions in the Agile Development Process. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. April 2021.


Copyright Adam Gray 2021.


In software engineering, the Agile development process is becoming one of the most effective methods to handle the issues of continuous change and fast development. However, there are still some perceived issues that many Agile developers face, and a lot of these issues can seemingly stem from their managers. For example, it may seem like the manager is not always up-to-date on the various aspects of the project, or that they have closed off their mind to new ideas. In this paper, we include an in-depth analysis of the various managerial positions that can be found in the Agile development process and their importance. We will also examine some of the reasons why it seems as though those managerial positions can be a roadblock at times in the development process rather than helpful, both from personal experience and research. We conclude that managerial positions tend to get a bad reputation as the term “manager” can be somewhat misleading and thus causes a misunderstanding as to that team member’s role; a manager's job should be for a delegation of powers and assistance, not to be constantly controlling each aspect of the project.