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Spring 2021


Lopez Herrera, N. 2021. The Rise of the Goddess is Always with a Little Bit of Help From My Sisters: An Analysis of the Need for a Documentary on Multicultural Greek Sororities. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Natalie Lopez Herrera 2021.


This research project answers two main questions: How do women of color become empowered in a white predominantly institution? What is the best way to acquire this information beyond the academy? As a woman of color and international student, answering these questions were important to me when I began my studies here at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The Rise of the Goddess focuses on the experience of young women of color in multicultural organizations and argues for the documentary as a means for accessing this information. The Rise of the Goddess demonstrates that multicultural sororities empower women of color in predominantly white institutions by various factors like the creation of community and understanding of womanhood through sorority membership. In addition, this Honors Thesis proves that the best way to represent the importance of these organizations is the production of a documentary that, unlike narrative film, allows for creative intimacy for storytelling between the filmmaker and the young women of color in higher education interviewed for the film.