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Spring 4-1-2021


Sydney Brun-Ozuna. "Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart: A Synopsis and Archive for a First Amendment Landmark." University of Nebraska - Lincoln Digital Commons, 1 April 2021.


Copyright Sydney Brun-Ozuna 2021.


This project explores in depth the background, arguments, precedents, and impact of the First Amendment Supreme Court case, Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart. This project utilizes newspaper coverage of the trial that informed the case and the case’s journey to the United States Supreme Court, as well as files obtained from the chambers of multiple former U.S. Supreme Court justices, publicly available oral arguments made before the court, and the ultimate decision from the Supreme Court, to create a holistic image of this case. Given the importance of this case in securing the right of the press to report on matters taking place in courtrooms, and the importance the case serves to the state of Nebraska as a whole, this website can now serve as an important resource for research on this case, both in terms of understanding the arguments made and circumstances leading up to the case, and in terms of seeing and obtaining tangible archival materials relating to the case.