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Spring 3-12-2018


Bemis, Corrin. An Analysis of the Social and Political Barriers to Wind Energy Development in Lancaster County, Nebraska. University of Nebraska. 2018.


Copyright Corrin Bemis 2018


With the increasing threat of climate change beginning to impact cities and regions in the United States, many states are turning to renewable energy sources as a way to mitigate their carbon footprint. While Nebraska has the potential to be a leader in wind energy development within the next few years, some restrictions are still put in place that slow down the expansion of wind farms. Although the state is ranked 4th in the nation for wind energy potential, Nebraska is ranked 20th for actual wind energy development. This paper will define the social and political barriers that stand in the way of wind energy development in Lancaster County, Nebraska. The system of wind energy in the county will be defined using the Social Fabric Matrix outlined in Gregory Hayden’s Policy Making for a Good Society. Following this research, a policy proposal to increase the amount of wind energy development in the state will be presented using Elinor Ostrom’s Social-Ecological Systems Framework.