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Spring 3-15-2021


Fernandez, S. 2021. Study of Native Colombian Tribes: Art as a Means of Inspiration. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Sofia Fernandez 2021.


Study of Native Colombian Tribes: Art as a Means of Inspiration, examines Latin American art, particularly Indigenous Colombian art as a source of inspiration for the creation of a series of artworks. This project considers two Colombian tribes: Wayuu and Okaina. It emphasizes these tribes’ ancestry, history, purpose, and traditions, with the objective of giving them a voice in a community where they are underrepresented and unknown. This thesis provides a critical look into the tribe’s traditions and artistic techniques through the creation of a variety paintings, drawings, and prints. This body of work concentrates on textiles and patterns from the specific tribes, analyzing how pattern and textiles can be abstracted and understood as cultural evidence. The artwork is not only inspired by these native tribes but also takes from the Pattern and Decoration feminist movement as well as the influence of Indigenous art in contemporary Latin American art. Combined, these elements generate meaning and a connection to the culture I am currently involved in.

Study of Native Colombian Tribes: Art as a Means of Inspiration, questions: How does one gain inspiration from cultural backgrounds? In what ways does the artwork created by Native tribes in Colombia represent the country’s history and characteristics? What is the purpose of each symbol used in the tribe’s artwork? How does one communicate their own culture effectively through artwork? What aspects of one's culture are important for the audience? And what is the importance of communicating my own culture to a culture not acquainted with it?