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Spring 4-11-2018


Fleischer, Bridget. Marketing Process at the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Promote Avenue Q. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2018.


Copyright Bridget Fleisher 2018


When producing a stage show, whether on Broadway or the local playhouse, every decision must be made with marketing in mind. Arranging television spots, designing flyers, analyzing market research; promotion is only one area of marketing considerations. Theater is a business. Artistic merit is important to consider, but no show will be made without a customer value proposition in mind. Because of this, it is especially fortunate to be able to market a wide-appeal musical that holds artistic merit. This creative project outlines the inner workings of the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, including the production, casting, and promotion that went into its Spring 2018 show Avenue Q. Contained in this creative project is the outline of the overall business decisions necessary to produce any show, from the stages of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film to Broadway. In the forthcoming paper is a detailed look at our marketing promotional events and activities, with additional photographs and other visual aids completed for the campaign. This thesis presents a suitably raunchy marketing campaign necessary to market Avenue Q while also outlining the process of producing a stage show.

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