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Spring 2021


Magree, M. 2021. Trader Joe's Case Study. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Madisson Magee 2021.


My senior project is focused around analyzing Trader Joe’s business model and writing a case study focusing on the management strategies of the company. I wanted to know what made them so successful and recognizable as brand in the grocery store industry. My case study is based off of a Harvard Business School published case. Not only did I want to understand their success, but also what factors impact them and what issues they face in maintaining a successful business model. To do this, I analyzed many aspects of their company, where they stand against competitors and internal and external forces acting against them. After researching more about the company and these factors I found the central problem the company faces and made recommendation for the company to continue to be a well recognized grocery store name, while not losing their charm. Although Trader Joe’s stands firm on operating using their original business model, I believe they could find updating some of their technologies and improving their marketing strategy would be beneficial to the grocery chain.