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Anderson, S. 2021. Product, Process, and Professionalism: An Analysis of Industry Practices in Senior Design. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Samuel Anderson 2021.


One of the biggest problems facing fresh Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering graduates intending to start their post-college careers is their lack of experiential learning and practical skills in real-world software development. From the UNL CSE Senior Design Mission Statement and Core Values, the goal of Senior Design is to “provide a project-based capstone course that gives students a design-centered educational experience,” in order to “prepare students for the most challenging, innovative, and fastest-growing careers of the 21st Century.” In short, the CSE Senior Design project is meant to be UNL students’ first “real” design-centered project experience, with industry sponsors and UNL faculty supervision. Completion of CSE Senior Design allows for students to have some practical software development experience to reference on their respective résumé’s for submitting to future employers. In order to examine the applicability of the CSE Senior Design curriculum to the state-of-the-art and the state-of-the-practice of real-world software development, this paper will outline where our Senior Design team was faithful to the prevalent practices in the industry, and where we might have differed in the areas of client management, version management, release management, requirements analysis, estimating, and design.

Faculty Mentor: Christopher Bohn