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Coffey, Olivia. Lewis, Logan. Schnieder, Michael. Ellis Mason. Vandersteen, Austin. Lennon, Nicholas. Growth Perspectives in Tree Campus Higher Education and Tree City USA. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2021.


Copyright Olivia Coffey, Logan Lewis, Michael Schneider, Mason Ellis, Austin Vandersteen, Nicholas Lennon 2021.


With an aggressive goal of 25% growth in both the Tree City USA and Tree Campus Higher Education programs, the Arbor Day Foundation (“ADF”, “Arbor Day”) needs a correspondingly bold plan to follow. Our group’s set of recommendations keep in step with ADF’s goals of inspiring people to Plant, Nurture, and Celebrate trees. Adopting ADF’s guiding principles informed and refined our recommendations. Our suggestions to ADF are to expand and refine marketing objectives, make use of communication platforms, streamline the survey and application procedure, and restructure the Tree City participation incentive programs. The subsections of this report provide greater detail for each key recommendation.