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Tangen, J. (2021). Climate Change is a Drag: A Mini-Collection Exploring the Intersection of Drag and Sustainability. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Joelle Tangen 2021.


The goal for the outcome of this project is to look at the market where drag and sustainability intersect by focusing on a specific member of this subset, Pattie Gonia, and analyzing their current work to inform a mini-collection of three garments for the same target market. First, observational research was done on Pattie Gonia’s previous work to identify the prevailing themes and styles of the garments. Three central ideas were then chosen to inform the three garments, including a look based on a common piece of outdoor clothing or gear, a look based on an environmental problem, and a look based on an element of nature. However, midway through the project, a collaboration was started with Pattie Gonia. Because of this, the third garment was designed specifically for them, and the theme was adjusted to reflect their desires for the outfit. All three looks incorporated sustainable design. For example, upcycled materials consisting of secondhand garments that were taken apart and reconstructed were utilized in every look. Deadstock fabric, which is excess material reclaimed from design houses, was also used to incorporate sustainable materials.