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Spring 3-12-2018


Velasco, Carlos. “This Book is Valuable: An Anthology of essays on design and the perception of value in luxury fashion objects.” Mar. 2018.


Copyright Carlos Velasco 2018


This Book is Valuable seeks to analyze how different concepts related to design and culture have influenced the apparent and perceived value of luxury fashion objects. This question is explored in different contexts to provide clarity and observation to the contemporary construction of value through systems of design.

This thesis is an anthology of three essays. The first essay is about immaterial capitalism, a system of knowledge, skill and imagination based capital. The second essay is about the strategy of artification, using fine art as a way to link systems of value together. It is also about how luxury conglomerates use political influence to diversify their portfolio and increase revenue. The final essay is about how popular and everyday culture that is traditionally perceived as having little value has become utilized extensively in luxury fashion.