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Fall 2021


Lanphier, Sophia. International Student Importance, Satisfaction, and Civic Engagement. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2021.


Copyright Sophia Lanphier 2021.


International student populations are economic, social, and academic assets to higher education institutions in the United States. A considerable body of research has been devoted to examining international student satisfaction and experiences. Previous literature has offered suggestions for additions and improvements to university international student programs that could help increase international student satisfaction and success. Despite all this, there is a considerable gap in existing literature concerning the relationship between international student academic and social success and civic engagement participation. Civic engagement is an important element of university life that has been closely tied to the academic and social experiences of many domestic undergraduates, and previous research has shown that participation in civic engagement, such as service-learning, is correlated with positive educational and interpersonal outcomes for these students. This thesis discusses research into international student experiences, areas of concern, and potential solutions. In addition to examining the social and academic needs of international students and the existing evidence for positive outcomes from domestic student civic engagement participation, this thesis will ultimately explore the potential benefits of an increased emphasis on civic engagement participation for international student programs.