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Fall 12-3-2021


Swanson, Jessica. Hudl Strategic Analysis. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2021.


Copyright Jessica Swanson 2021.


Hudl is a cutting-edge company that assists with the filming, distributing, and recording statistics for more than 40 sports. The sports, at the high school, college, and even professional level, consist of football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and many others. Growing since its founding in 2006, Hudl now has more than 2,400 employees across 20 countries. To analyze the external environment of the video-sharing industry, a PESTEL analysis and a Porter’s Five Forces analysis were completed. These analyses found that Hudl was a unique case because they are in a very niche portion of the industry and take up a large portion of the market share. Hudl’s current strategy is focused differentiation. If Hudl maintains their current position in the industry, they will continue to be successful and be the go-to company for teams looking to find a solution to their film distributing and sports analytic needs.