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Ganic, Aila. "Nebraska Stories of Humanity: Increasing Accessibility to Holocaust Education." Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2022.


Copyright Alia Ganic 2022.


This thesis seeks to answer the question: How can the digital humanities provide a vehicle that elevates the human impact of survivor narrative and testimony? An analyzation of how the digital humanities could preserve survivor testimony is conducted through an examination of how Bea Karp’s narrative will be shared through the Nebraska Stories of Humanity portal project. Based on this analyzation, the Nebraska Stories of Humanity portal could be an effective method for teaching Holocaust education for three main reasons. First, this portal project avoids perpetrator-oriented narratives by highlighting survivors and soldiers who liberated camps. Further, it also offers a diverse array of testimonies that students will be exposed to, rethinking power differentials within Holocaust education. The digital humanities will also make Holocaust education more accessible by having the portal be public, translating documents, and centralizing physically and digitally dispersed documents. More research on the effectiveness of this portal should be conducted once it is published and incorporated into a class curriculum for Holocaust education.