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Spring 3-9-2022


Barnes, E. 2022. The importance of nutrition in oral health in the general population and among children and adolescents. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Emma Barnes 2022.


Having good oral health is vital for the U.S. population. Although there have been improvements, too many suffer from dental caries and tooth loss. Providing education, dental procedures, and nutritional foods can help prevent these issues. Healthy choices include having a diet with adequate protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and the vitamin B complex to support proper tissue development in the oral cavity.

Keeping good oral health is crucial for those suffering from diabetes mellitus. Studies show that doing this can help lower the patient's A1C, therefore helping with the management of blood glucose levels and potentially slowing the progression of the disease.

As children transition into adolescents, the prevalence of e-cigarette usage increases. Additional studies are needed to ensure validity with the relationship between tooth decay and use, but the studies currently show a negative impact.

Sweetened beverages are another factor in the progression of poor oral health. It is necessary to ensure proper oral hygiene if regular consumption of these products occurs.

Preventative measures against poor oral health include fluoride in the community water supply or oral hygiene routine, sealants, dietary choices, proper oral hygiene, and seeing a dentist. With these measures, the U.S. population can make progress in helping those suffering from poor oral health.