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Spring 3-10-2022


Ahlers, L. 2022. Comparison of Transcervical Insemination Versus Surgical Insemination Methods in Dogs at a Veterinary Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Lauren Ahlers 2022.


Artificial insemination paved the way for many advancements in reproductive technology. Two common artificial insemination methods recommended for use with frozen semen are transcervical insemination and surgical insemination. To better understand the conception rates of dogs for each method, data was collected from Hillcrest Animal Clinic. The data suggested that neither transcervical insemination nor surgical insemination was significantly better than the other. 50% of the dogs conceived when inseminated using the transcervical method, and 54.5% of the dogs conceived when inseminated using the surgical method. Based on the results, more data needs to be collected on both insemination procedures to gain a better understanding of conception rates for each. Additionally, studies need to be performed comparing conception rates of dogs with a combination of insemination methods or multiple insemination procedures.