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Spring 2022


Haymond, A. (2022). Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Consumer Behavior and Attitudes Towards a Brand’s Image. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Abbey Haymond 2022.


This research seeks to understand more about the effects of socioeconomic background on consumer behavior and its impact on the perception of brand images. Data from people of different SES were compared to understand how they view advertisements intended for different audiences and their corresponding effects. It was conducted by sending out a confidential, voluntary survey to a convenience sample targeting 100 consumers. Consumers were asked to rate statements, on a scale of one to five, for each of the research questions to assess specific aspects of their consumer attitudes and behaviors. The high SES group has a higher average rating of statements for each variable. However, both high and low SES groups show a moderately strong relationship between consumer attitude and behavior. The analysis of the literature review and data support that SES has a strong relationship with consumer behavior and attitudes. This study suggests that the advertising industry should explore ways to develop a brand image that appeals to the values of both low and high SES groups.